” Tony, it’s Keith.  You did a helluva good job on the horn.  I was just blowing it a little bit and going, wow, this sounds great!  Thanks a lot!  I’ll get on Sax on the web and say what a great job you’re doing.”   Keith R. July 2005

“Hi Tony.  I finally had a chance to play my alto.  It’s really in great shape.  I want to thank you very much.  It’s really a pleasure to play.”  Doug D. 2009

“Hey Tony, just wanted to say my flute is AWESOME!  Thanks so much for working on it.  It plays so much better.  I can’t believe it’s the same flute.”  Rita T. 2009

“Tony.  Horn in hand and playing much better! Genius.  Thank you. Vince.”Vince H.  2010

“Tony.  I played my clarinet for two hours without pain after you installed the newKooiman Thumb rest.  Along with your technical skill, knowledge of woodwinds,your patience with customers and attention to details are  unmatched in the Bay Area! I can’t thank you enough for all the adjustments you made to my clarinet that now enables me to return to playing after 35 years.”  Pam M. 2010

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